Some film directors started his career as screen writer, film editor or actor. Some film directors have visited a film school to get formal training. Film students can study the basic principles, techniques and procedures of film direction & production. Students are led to explore their own creativity and more ever they are introduced in ways of working that foster the imp exchange of idea. A full degree course can be designed for up to five years of studying. Future directors usually complete short films during their enrollment. Many directors successfully prepared for making feature film by working in TV. Being a director is being a creator. As such his or her job is to create life that audience will believe… Easier said than done. A great director knows how the pieces form a whole. They know how the individual shots will construct a scene—and how to transition between scenes. They know how every element, from the actors to the costumes to the locations, will support their intended vision. If the director doesn’t change much about a script, it’s simply as they would like it, and knowing when not to interfere is essentially the same skill as knowing when to change something. Your creative keys don’t want you to compromise. Neither do your actors. They want you to be bold and ambitious and take chances. Most likely, they aren’t doing your project for the money, they were moved by the script or creative opportunities the film presented, so don’t compromise – at least until the last minute. Then, be realistic and embrace the idea that often the best creative solutions come from limitations.

Film directors create on “overall vision” through which a film get eventually born. This means organising the array of people working under him & how to best capture his artistic vision for the film. It’s necessary to have “an artistic eye to frame shots”. Always omnipresent are the boundaries of his budget. Still a real life brawl between a film director and an actor can possibly cause that the film director gets fired if the actor is a major film star. Get the energy, creativity, passion and determination to work in the film industry.
Looking for a course to bring out the best in you & give you the confidence, knowledge & skills needs complete in the dynamic profession. Film production will provide you with a wide range of professional skills from pre to post-production including cinematography, sound, lighting, editing and direction.